Maxsol- AD3-E 500 ml

Maxsol AD3-E

Description: The Vitamins A, D3 & E are very important for the various metabolic, processes in (especially) growing animals.

Dosages & Adminsitration: Poultry: 100 ml in 400 ltr. drinking water. Dairy; Catle, Horse, camel 5-10 ml. Calf pig: 5 ml.

Sheep Goat: 3-5 ml. To be administered via the drinking waer. Duration of treatment: 3-5 cosecutive days. Indications: Hypovitaminosis in all aminal especially in poultry-Staring up of chicks, during reasing and laying, rickets, osteomalacia, beginning of egg production. preventionof diseases, stress, treatment of deficiency symptoms, drop in egg production. treatment and post treatment of infections and parasitic diseses. adjutant of therapeutic or preventive interventions as vaccination disorder in fertility, shipping, incubation and hatching, feather picking, cannibalism.

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